"I know many, if not all, found your presentation to be inspiring, funny, heartfelt, and genuine. I know I did . You are a "beautiful" human being." 
-T7EDC Disability Conference Organizer 

"Excellent presentation, should be part of compliance training and full of pertinent information. One of the best presentations I’ve seen. Thank You!" 
-Lockheed Martin 

"I was very impressed with Shayn and his ability to convey so clearly what it is is like to have a disability. Shayn spoke with authority and expertise. Shayn rocks! 
-Alameda County Social Services 

"Wow! It was great. Practical scenarios and right on point. Best money we ever spent. Thank you."
-Sacramento Public Law Library 

"Shayn Anderson has been a wonderful presenter for the Contra Costa Mayors' Committee Employer Recognition Awards for many years. He is extremely committed to raising awareness and changing attitudes for people with disabilities. He is humorous and makes everyone feel comfortable. His dedication and time have been invaluable to our committee." 
- Contra Costa Mayors' Committee

"Shayn is dynamic and yet so simple in his presentation style. His workshop opened our eyes to a lot of issues but especially the need to first deal with our perception." 
- Director's Advisory Council on Disability  

"Shayn was informative and inspiring. He was fun and entertaining, but at the same time very educational. It was interesting to hear from someone with a disability first hand. I felt like a new world opened up to me. Keep up the great work." 
- California State Automobile Association 

"Excellent presentation! Was very enlightening on the issues. Powerful! Really well organized, covered relevant material and opened up the subject of disability for a lot of participants." 
- International Career Development Conference